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Product Quality Standards

Product Quality Standards

It is a long-standing philosophy at SMPC to provide top quality products and be a solution provider to our customers. SMPC strictly adheres to the corporate policy to meet all needs of our customers, clients and users. It is precisely with this relentless resolution that we manufacture only quality LPG cylinders through unceasing product and process development and improvement and is thus the sole cause of our success today. 

Our commitments and success are best manifested in SMPC being one of the leading manufacturers of LPG cylinders in the world. We have been accredited and certified with various standards and have claimed awards from both public and private sectors.

Quality Control System:

  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015

Awarded Product Standards:


  • International Standards (ISO)


  • Standards of USA (ASME and DOT)
  • Standards of Canada(TC)
  • Standards of Venezuela (COVENIN)
  • Standards of Peru (NTP)
  • Standards of Jamaica (JS)


  • Thailand Industrial Standard (TIS)
  • Standards of Taiwan (NFA)
  • Standards of Indonesia (SNI)
  • Standards of Philippines (PNS)
  • Standards of Singapore (SS)
  • Standards of Sri Lanka (SLS)
  • Standards of Korea (KGS)
  • Standards of Israel (SI)


  • Standards of Australia (AS)


  • Standard as per EU Directives (TPED)
  • Standards of United Kingdom (BS)
  • Standards of European Union (EN)


  • Standards of Kenya (KSISO)
  • Standards of South Africa (SABS)
  • Standards of Nigeria (NIS)
  • Standards of Cameroon (NC)

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